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Business Lawyers

We are trusted for our reliable and sound legal advice on establishing, structuring, purchasing & selling business ventures in Melbourne.
We apprehend the needs & requirements of corporate & commercial set outs and provide legal solutions required to efficiently lead a successful enterprise.

Debt Recovery Lawyers

Having to deal with debtors that are unwilling to clear off the debts may further lead to sub-optimal productivity and the collection may never be guaranteed. An expert Debt recovery lawyer can help in such cases through well-established legal proceedings.

Property lawyers

We are well-equipped to assist Melbourne residents with residential, commercial and property transactions through use of swift, reliable and contemporary technologies. We conduct electronic conveyancing through PEXA to save you time. Be it sale or purchase of land, commercial set out of residential property, our lawyers can assist you at every stage of the transaction.

Family Lawyers

Out of our many specialities, reliable and cost-effective family law services in Melbourne is what we're really known for. Having a considerate and compassionate lawyer to escort you through sensitive situations like Divorce, children's matters and intricate property settlements can be a huge relief. We aim to provide you that comfort during your difficult times.

Solicitor's Certificate

After banks and other conventional money lenders, most private lending organisations too, demand a certificate of independent legal advice to approve loan applications. A Solicitor's certificate of Independent legal advice is meant to ensure that all parties involved in a loan transaction have consulted a legal practitioner and are aware of the agreement terms. We furnish solicitor's certificates at a fixed standard fees.

Immigration Lawyers

Migrating to another country for studies or work brings along paper-work intensive legal procedures to be followed. Our registered immigration lawyers are qualified to handle the complex and intensive aspects of Australian Migration Law administered by the Department of Home Affairs. Contact an expert immigration lawyer in Melbourne today to book your 1st FREE consultation.

Welcome to Aries Lawyers Melbourne ​

We at Aries Lawyers, are known for being comprehensible, considerate and compassionate. We aim on breaking the stereotype, “lawyers are complicated” and work our way towards being one of the top law firms Melbourne has on display. 

There’s no denying to the fact that law can often be complex and difficult to understand. But, that doesn’t necessarily need to extend to a lawyer. Our legal experts strive to break down complex terms and present to our clients, accurate, reliable and easy-to-understand legal solutions to your concerns.

Our team of Melbourne lawyers has an extensive experience in handling a wide variety of complicated cases. Our rich history of successful victories in defending our client’s best interests is a constant source of motivation for our firm. Contact us today to set up a brief consultation of up to 15 minutes with an expert lawyer, free of charge. 

How are we different?

We are Melbourne Australia based and service local and international clients.

Free 1st Consultation

Your 1st interaction with us involves a brief introduction to your case and involves zero charges. It may be in-person or over a video call.

We're Comprehensible

The law may be complicated, but we are not! Unlike most Melbourne Lawyers, we do not like to use complex jargon with our clients. Simple language, simpler solutions!

Affordable Fees

We focus on communicating with our clients thereby reducing risks and saving time and money which is reflected in our affordable fees.

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