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Game Design degree students at UAT enjoy the ability to build and create complete game design projects with fellow students and faculty collaborating from across all gaming degree majors.

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Game Design majors enrolled in our game art and design degree will earn the necessary game design education to be successful in their career field.

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Also included are courses on the history of film, video, and animation, which can serve as an excellent way to get the necessary background knowledge for game development.

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An Associate of Science in Game Design or Associate of Arts in Game Development can prepare students for a career as a game designer, character designer or animator.

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Students can mix their love for creativity and technology by enrolling in summer game design programs and learning to create video games by honing multidisciplinary skills like coding, computer science, robotics, animation, web design and electronics.

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Located within a city that embraces art, culture, music and gaming; professionals often share their experiences with us on campus, and we go visit area studios.

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