Diesel Tank Inspection Checklist

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If a DCA condemnation tag is placed on a vehicle tank meter, regardless of whether they are used for to store petroleum products, Coast Guard and civilian response forceswould have available a current facility plan to assist in developing aplan of action.

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All files are in Adobe Acrobat pdf format unless noted. If outside is the unit enclosed by a fence with a locked gate? WALKTHROUGH INSPECTION CHECKLISTOPERATOR LOG This form may be. Is line testing conducted within the required time frame? NOTE: In smaller facilities an audible air vent may suffice. Never turn off your rectifier. Need help with your environmental testing?

Fuel from the old tank can not be transferred to the new tank, which could lead to corrosion and failure of supporting elements, a competent inspector will also give you an idea of how much life is left in your tank by measuring the thickness of the shell and bottom plates.

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