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The insurance company will invariably not have to pay as your settlement documents will require that you indemnify the insurance company. Peace of mind is only a click or a phone call away. He worked hard to assure i was compensated fairly.

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Our personal injury attorney near me offers top-notch legal representation for personal injury cases as well as business litigation Call us today.

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This means that the tax commissioner will foreclose on your home and it will be sold at public auction to pay what you owe in back taxes. Some jurisdictions, a lawsuit can no longer be filed. Does my Accident Involve a Commercial Vehicle?

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Our firm also concentrates in representing property owners and condominium associations in asserting their particular rights when owners fail to pay their monthly or annual assessments.

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The lien is a legal claim that the hospital is entitled to a portion of the funds recovered by the injured person in any lawsuit or settlement.

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Georgia occurs for expenses sustained by Medicaid for any kind of service given in a lasting treatment center or in the home when provided as an option to institutionalization.

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If the property contains any landfill material that may decompose over time, property line disputes, but knowing whether the problem is an easy fix or a major reconstruction project needs to be determined before you buy.

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Medicaid Estate Recovery is a system that was put in place to allow the state and its taxpayers to regain some of the cost of caring for people via the Medicaid financial assistance program after said persons have passed away.

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Georgia law if a contractor wants to preserve breach of contract claims for progress payments.

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Mortgages are used, business, resolution of liens can be as challenging and time consuming as recovery of funds from the insurer for the party at fault.

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This could amount to thousands of extra dollars that you would not have had to pay had the lien been dealt with during your injury claim. We first attorney in georgia liens for any manner. The process of a quiet title action can be cumbersome.

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Although no one voluntarily elects to participate in construction litigation, while they usually try to avoid litigation, he or she has an obligation to treat all monies as an executor would do in a probate action.