Word Changes In Reported Speech

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They said that itwas hard to bear cold. Amature Human, pronouns and adverbs. You can change your ad preferences anytime. Indirect: He requested her to wait. He said that he had been writing a letter. Indirect: She said that she was happy. Thank You for Tuning In!

He told me that she said that it rain today? He told Ram that he was a good boy. Crees que puedo aprender español en un año? She was unable to confess to the murder. He said that he would meet me soon. There are a few exceptions to this though. He said that he would move to New York. She will not respond to my phone calls. He said that he would rather she played. By continuing to use this website, Hermione.

Indirect: He said that he had to work hard. How many children are there in the park? Indirect: Brad asked who would go with him. Yes, and tips and to learn English! You may not have availed the opportunity. Juan said that he likes to eat hot dogs. Keep it up guys.

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It represents an open knowledge base. The man exclaimed in grief that he was ruin. Are you sure you want to submit this form? The tourist asked me for directions. She said that she had been to Paris twice. He asked me where I had put his telephone. She asked if I was running errands today. How cleaver I am.

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She exclaimed that it was too late. It is reported that the situation is grave. Were you present at the meeting yesterday? He asked if I would have been travelling. How long have you been studying English? Will you tell him that I will call him? Which bag do you want?

He said it had been raining earlier. You may have availed the opportunity. Yesterday I bought a new cell phone. Are you coming with us?

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The most common of these are Say, how do you describe it to another person?

In case of using Direct Speech in stories, the rules governing how to report speech can vary based on the tense of the original statement.

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If the pronoun he or she stands for different persons then the name of the person refer to can be inserted in brackets after the pronoun.

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