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Your EXEC executes in a different context, therefore it is not aware of any variables that have been declared in your original context.

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If you run the script, you will see that the second insert fails because it would require the creation of a duplicate primary key value.

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Firstly, we create a procedure that deletes the record. This provides data independence and reduces maintenance costs. This article lists out difference between Temporary Table and Table Variable. Notice the estimated number of rows is now correct?

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If you use temporary tables in stored procedures, and at same time you run some DDL commands against the temporary table, then you will get multiple times recompilation.

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In many cases a table variable can outperform a solution using a temporary table, although we will need to review the strengths and weaknesses of each in this article.

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You also lose the statistics that would otherwise be collected. Difference between local temp table and global temp table. Variables in sql server restarts, declare table declaration, dropping the declared.

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When searching for sql server clean up on a declare command for? Rollback command is declared in definition can declare. Often I find temporary tables to be a much better choice than table variables.

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You need to use one line query to queryout your result. These extras in sql server express, declare the declaration. Temp tables might result in stored procedures being recompiled, perhaps often.