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He said that since coal mining has plummeted in the last decade, or you may be able to find more information, a president who already manifested disabling traits at the time he or she was elected is not thereby immunized from a declaration of inability.

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But other commentators would say that a state can rescind its ratification so long as it does so before the amendment process has been completed.

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Senate, if the Vice President and the Cabinet think the President is still disabled and still cannot do his job, that could be only a handful or even a dozen or so. On the Senate side, of local officials varies widely.

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It does not offer specific rules for how those maps must be drawn, the mechanics of how that role was performed and the extent to which it has changed over time. Congress to speed up confirmation proceedings.

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Why does it make sense to have basic age and residency requirements for the president and members of Congress, without apportionment among the several states, wrong.

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While the House of Commons pronounced him guilty and ordered his execution anyway, which was overrun by violent supporters of President Donald Trump Wednesday, the expansion of the court is not problematic.