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Manually printed money orders, which are stamp printed, have a receipt under carbon copies but it also must be torn away and kept. Our customer was greatly appreciative we had saved his asset! Last manager had a no fee money order and they freaked out too.

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Money orders are generally a safe alternative to cash or checks, since only the payee will be able to cash or deposit it for the amount printed on the document.

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USPS introduces online money order status tool Postal Times. So, just getting my ducks in a row in case this all blows up. So, legally, since you used the post office, you should be fine. Sure Money change of recipient.

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The PC Postage system provider grants or denies a request for a refund for PC Postage indicia using established USPS criteria. Thank you for signing up for a free Monitor Newsletter! Issuance of substitute disbursement postal money order.

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When I was able to tell them the time, date, location, and amount I bought the money order for, they were able to give me the money order receipt number, which could then be used to track it.

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In most cases, if you still have the receipt, you can take the money order to your bank or check cashing business and get cash back, regardless of the name you started to write.

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Remitter to receive the value of the Postal Money Order. Reclamation of amounts of paid disbursement postal money orders. Visit the relevant post office, as notified by the sender. Please login to follow users.

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You can track your money order via the receipt if you want to confirm that the person you were sending the order to got it or if you are worried that something has gone awry.

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Here is an overview of how the process of getting a refund for a money order you purchased.

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If not, head back to the post office and initiate a money order inquiry using the numbers on the cash receipt, or money order receipts if you have them.

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If you buy your money order from a bank, hold onto the receipt and provide the money order number to the bank for tracking purposes. The answer depends on which issuer provided the money order. The money order should be filled out immediately after purchase.

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Therefore, the refund standards for PC Postage appeals are being aligned under the same established principles as for meter indicia refunds, which take a similar amount of manual steps to review and adjudicate.