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  1. According to most, the job is less about stress and more about pressure. The latter being subjective to the point of being almost frivolous. Base salary figures do not include other military compensation, such as subsistence and housing allowances; these allowances fluctuate, depending on numerous factors. There was an unexpected error when performing your action.

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  3. We look forward to working with the new Secretary and the administration as we advance the science and technology of air traffic control, air traffic management, and new entrants into the airspace.

  4. The optimization in developing the mathematical model, known as regression analysis, is to minimize the squared differences between the actual rates of separation and the predicted rates of separation.

  5. Academy in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, before being assigned to a facility. The Public Inspection page may also include documents scheduled for later issues, at the request of the issuing agency.

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  7. The role of the air traffic controller was also invisible to members of Congress, as the ATC system did not receive government funding for equipment or training in the early years.

  8. An Airline Professional typically works on a plane or at an airport. FAA and ended with practical and personal examples of the FAA overstepping it regulatory authority in enforcement actions. Thank you for subscribing!

  9. We undertook this assessment of generational diferences in the controller workforce to identify diffeences and similarities between the two generations of controllers.

  10. Very few in military ATC get their ratings to get an FAA or DOD job. They also issue levels, headings and speeds to separate aircraft. This is a departure from present FAA thinking that envisions the TSAT contract terminating once ATCOTS is up and running. The faa probably get into.


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