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Our family lawyers provide legally sound yet plausible & reliable advice and further represent your interests in court proceedings if need be. We’ve handled a wide range of complex family matters including separation, divorce, property & financial settlements and children’s matters. 

For over 30 years, our divorce lawyers have helped countless couples and families mediate in marriage breakdowns and separate on mutually acceptable terms through agreement wherever possible. If need persists, you can rely on our unrivalled litigation skills to help your acquire what is rightfully yours. 

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Family law is a rather complex area of legal practice that focuses on subjects involving adoption, divorce, property and financial settlements, child custody and child care etc. Family lawyers in Melbourne can advise clients on mediating with mutual consent or represent clients in family court proceedings to help them acquire their rightful share. Additionally, they draft important legal documents such as property settlement agreements and court petitions. 

Although family law is largely associated with separation, divorce, child custody and child support; there are areas outside these domains that are handled by expert family lawyers. You may find Melbourne family lawyers that have a specialization in adoption, paternity or other matters not directly related to divorce. 

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Most frequent questions and answers

Following documents are needed, to start a divorce procedure.

  1. Marriage certificate.
  2. Birth Certificate of common children.
  3. Registration Certificate of one or both partners.

Along with the previous papers, in case of separation by mutual authorization, it will be required to formalize a regulative agreement that we take care of making and drafting complying with the instructions of the clients which will be presented before the court to obtain the judicial authorization.

A de facto relationship is defined in Family Law Act 1975 under Section 4AA. It is a relationship between you and your former partner, (whether same-sex or opposite-sex) who are unmarried but living together on a genuine domestic basis.

If you are legally married to each other or if you are related by family, then your relationship is not declared as a de facto relationship.

If the child is a victim of Family Violence, they can be included in an Intervention Order. If you serve with an application for an Intervention Order, you must inspect to see if your child has been added, as this may influence your ability to hang out with your youngster.

Failing to pay child support or maintenance on time puts you in offence of a court order. If you default on your child support, a judge can file an execution order. An execution order will include a judgment for money owed.

Consequences of not paying your child assistance repayment on time or in the total can result in garnishing your salaries, keeping your tax reimbursement, suspending your driver’s license, seizing your property, suspending your company permit, or perhaps jail time.

Yes, by filing and also serving an action to an Application for Divorce. Your partner might also dispute the 12-month duration of splitting up asserted by you. Keep in mind that the person that submitted a response has to go to the divorce hearing.

To complete the legal services, all adoptions require an adoption attorney. If you work with an adoption agency, they themselves coordinate and provide adoption attorney service for you. By doing so, you don’t need to hire an Adoption Lawyer separately. Some women choose to function only with an adoption attorney.

Spousal maintenance is weekly maintenance payable by one spouse from their earnings to sustain the other spouse. Spousal support is the acknowledgment in a marriage or de facto connection of the mutual responsibilities of both parties to maintain each other.

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