Until July 2016, the seat of Chisholm had been held by Labor for 18 consecutive years.

The people of Chisholm elected me to be their representative under the leadership of former Prime Minister
Malcolm Turnbull.

My commitment to the people of Chisholm – who make up one of the most multicultural electorates in the nation –
has been unwavering. I have always remained authentic and committed to my constituents to be their voice in
Parliament and a representative who listens to the community.

I have received hundreds of emails and calls from my constituents and their voice has been very clear. They wanted
Malcolm Turnbull’s leadership as Prime Minister to continue. They wanted Julie Bishop to remain as our Deputy
Leader and Foreign Minister. So did I.

I have always listened to the people who elected me and put Australia’s national interest before internal political
games, factional party figures, self-proclaimed power-brokers and certain media personalities who bear vindictive,
mean-spirited grudges intent on settling their personal scores. Last week’s events were the last straw.

Most importantly, the people of Chisholm know that I say what I think. They know that I will always call out bad
behaviour and will not tolerate any form of bullying or intimidation. I have experienced this both from within my
own party and from the Labor Party.

I will always stand for equality regardless of people’s heritage, sexuality or gender.

I am announcing today that I will not be contesting the seat of Chisholm at the next Federal Election.

However, I’m not done. I am not giving up the fight for gender equality. The scourge of cultural and gender bias,
bullying and intimidation continues against women in politics, the media, and across businesses. In anticipating my
critics saying I’m “playing the gender card” – I say this. Women have suffered in silence for too long and in this last
twelve months the world has seen many courageous women speak out. To young women and men reading this
announcement- I say I’ve only ever aspired to inspire. If I’ve inspired any one of you to have leadership courage – that
will sustain me.

This journey has been incredibly rewarding because of the thousands of people in Chisholm whom I’ve met – good,
honest, wonderful people – and because of Malcolm Turnbull’s leadership. To have had the privilege and honour of
working for an inspiring and visionary leader of such intellect and integrity, whose legacy is strong economic
leadership, is something for which I shall have enduring gratitude.
I will continue to work hard for the people of Chisholm and support the good leaders of the Liberal Party in our new
Prime Minister the Hon Scott Morrison MP and Treasurer the Hon Josh Frydenberg MP, as well as the new
candidate who will be preselected for the next Federal Election.

I will be taking a few days leave before the Parliament returns on September 10. This period has taken an enormous
emotional toll on me and my beloved family. I thank them all.

I ask simply that in the months ahead that people be kind.

That’s the Australian way.

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