Medical Treatment Visa (Subclass 602)

The Medical Treatment visa is for non-citizens to enter or remain in Australia for the purposes of seeking medical treatment. To be eligible, the applicant must meet one of the following criteria:

− Obtain medical treatment

– The applicant seeks to enter Australia to obtain medical treatment other than for surrogate motherhood, they are free from disease that could threaten the Australian community, and arrangements have been made for the costs of the treatment. If the treatment is for an organ transplant, the donor is accompanying the applicant or appropriate arrangements have been made for the donation to be concluded in Australia.

− Organ donor to applicant

– The applicant is an organ donor to an applicant who meets the above criteria, the applicant has undergone the required medical assessments, and arrangements have been made for the costs of the treatment.

− Emotional or other support to applicant

– The applicant seeks to provide emotional or other support to an applicant who meets one of the abovementioned criteria, or an applicant who meets the requirements in subclause 675.212(2) or (3), or 685.212(2) or (3), and the applicant has undergone the required medical assessment. Visa subclasses 675 and 685 are no longer available to new applicants.

− Citizen of Papua New Guinea

– The applicant is a citizen of Papua New Guinea, resides in the Western Province of Papua New Guinea and the Queensland government department that is approved as responsible for health has approved the medical evacuation of the applicant to, or the treatment of the applicant in, a hospital in Queensland.

− Medically unfit to depart

– The applicant is 50 or over, in Australia and has been refused a permanent visa due to public interest criteria, and is medically unfit to depart.

 − The applicant meets one of the above criteria, is in Australia as the holder of a medical treatment visa and is suffering from financial hardship, has undergone relevant medical assessment, and has compelling personal reasons to work in Australia.

 − The applicant meets one of the abovementioned criteria, is in Australia, has compelling reasons for grant, and has undergone relevant medical assessment.

Unless the applicant is unfit to depart, the grant of their visa cannot disadvantage an Australian citizen or permanent resident in obtaining medical treatment or consultation. The applicant must also be able to support themselves during their stay unless financial hardship is demonstrated and must genuinely intend to stay in Australia temporarily.

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