Message From Julia

“As your elected Federal Member of Parliament and veteran legal practitioner, it is my aim to be a strong voice for our community.”

There are over 160,000 residents in Chisholm from a diverse range of backgrounds.

Chisholm is a community comprising great people from diverse backgrounds who support the local community in so many ways. We have people that are native to chisholm living in complete harmony with skilled migrants. From the thousands of people who run small business to those who work in our schools, hospitals and voluntary organizations, every one contributes their part towards the development of the town.

To further encourage the multi-cultural harmonious coexistence of people from different parts of Melbourne, Australia and the rest of the world, I announce the formation of a compassionate group of legal experts that vow to serve people of chisholm in their disputes, conflicts and other legally bound issues. You may contact an expert through the following portals:

I am genuinely honoured to serve the people of Chisholm and to do this effectively I need to hear from you and I hope this website will help us connect.

So please use the website to contact me and to catch up on what’s happening in both Chisholm and the wider community.

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