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Note that when an order is made by a Family Court Officer, the Family Court Rules permit you, or your counsel, to apply to the Family Court Officer to terminate or change the order, or appeal the order to a judge.

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The relator is subject to process and jurisdiction in that court only for the purpose of prosecuting the writ. In the event of a legal conflict, the Status Conference shall be rescheduled promptly on the next available date.

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Once a petition has been filed and answered, you will receive notice from the court to appear before a Family Magistrate for a Scheduling Conference.

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If a person is compelled to produce a document at a hearing, the court may order the person to attend at any time to produce the document.

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This process of dispute resolution involves a neutral third party, an Arbitration Officer, who renders a decision after both parties are given the opportunity to be heard.

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It means that the other party admits receiving the papers, without being served in person by the sheriff or a process server.

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At the post termination of parental rights placement hearing, the Court shall allow sufficient time to hear information from the parties and from any other agency, which will aid the Court in its review.

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Any party or their attorney may elect to use their own format if it meets the requirements of the Standing Order. There is a filing fee for all Petitions or Complaints, and Responses or Answers, and there are Service Fees. Nature of Neutral Evaluation.

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Either parent may request a hearing on the relocation by filing a written request with the circuit clerk and sending a copy of the request to the family court.

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There is not usually a Probation Officer present in Family Court unless the Judge requests their presence.

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It is the mission and vision of Stanislaus County Superior Court to provide equal access to justice; serving the needs of our community and organization with integrity, quality, and fairness.