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    Interest conflicts are caused by competition over perceived incompatible needs Conflicts of interest result when one or more of the parties believe that in order to satisfy his or her needs the needs and interests of an opponent must be sacrificed.

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    Conflicts of interest and conflicts of commitment are sometimes covered in the same institutional policy; but the circumstances, risks, and evaluative frameworks are sufficiently different that they warrant separate consideration.

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    It is standard procedure for a judge to remove themselves from a case if such a conflict arises. Additionally, it should always be considered whether crossexamining a current client in an unrelated matter or taking discovery from a current client will create direct adversitythat could lead to a conflict.

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    In the case of closely held entities, misunderstandings may arise even absent personal contact. In other words, one or the other of you may receive relatively greater benefits under the recommended marital agreement than you would in the absence of an agreement.

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    An arbitrator selected as a partisan of a party inmultimember arbitration panel is not prohibited from subsequently representing that party. Rule if possible to influence his or institution discloses and again, this is for further, waiver of conflict interest rules of interest does client considers the kind of individual.

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