Zeiss Ikophot Light Meter Instructions

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For all of that time his lab was based in central London, and printed work for many of the top names in advertising and editorial photography.

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The Contarex light metering exposure control system can tell you nothing about the ambient light situation as a regular light meter can.

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This Contarex model was intended by Zeiss to be used by professional photographers and for the most part professionals purchased this camera.

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The are completely round and are so small they fill in all the microscopic pores of the metal forming roller bearings that reduce friction, virtually eliminate wear, and increase the accuracy and reliability of the precision machinery containing them.

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Zeiss constructed a prototype Bullseye camera to see if the latching mechanism alone would be sufficient to correct the problem.

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Zeiss lens aperture control stiff. Zeiss new old stock repair parts has been received here. Polarizing filter and original Contax front and rear cap. Contax name in collaboration with the Japanese maker Yashica.