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Therefore, with a better understanding of the customer satisfaction chain, firms would be able to make more effective use of their limited resources through quality initiatives for the real needs of their customers.

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Reverse logistics has gained increasing importance among researchers and supply chain professionals not only for being one of the tools for sustainability, but also for its strategic role in many economic sectors.

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Given the paradoxical nature of technological innovations, we want to caution the scientific community and policymakers not to treat the Internet as the Holy Grail for environmental salvation.

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By building a steady and reliable interaction between a brand and a customer, loyalty program establishes constant and dependable customer engagement.

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There is a vast number of applications ranging from clinical research, marketing and sales promotion, to drug distribution and logistics.

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Having your support team well equipped with the above areas will empower your team and help your business flow in a structured manner.

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Through comparing and analyzing on the strengths and weaknesses of recommendation technology, it concludes that the combined application for a variety of techniques should satisfy the actual needs better.

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Just as Medicare Part D enrollment demonstrated consumers could identify differences in prescription drug plans and make rational choices, so too are prospective patients able to function as consumers in the medical marketplace when give the opportunity.

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