Easement Vs Utility Right Of Way

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FLH projects, there are relocation benefits that apply to personal property that may be stored on acquired lands requiring an owner or tenant to incur an expense to move them off the acquired right of way.

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An overhead survey crew will take aerial photos using GIS, then add an overlay of historical land record maps that show details such as parcel numbers, streets, boundary lines and objects that may be in the right of way.

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Easements in gross, however, unless they are utility easements given to companies that provide such services, typically only last as long as the individual benefited by them is alive or otherwise uses the easement.

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Creation of a development served by an access easement rather than a dedicated street shall be at the discretion of the Ferndale City Council.

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Nepa processes by implication or more detailed in which previously had been impliedly dedicated portions of easement of your property owner may benefit a power company.

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In most cases, landowners are totally unaware of easement restrictions that impact their example, may not realize that there is an easement owned by a utility company that the development company granted when the house was built.

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Look for evidence of use such as overhead wires crossing through the land that are not shown on the survey or deed. These services to homes and businesses include power, telephone, gas, water and sewer, television and internet services.

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Prescriptive easements, also known as easements by prescription, arise if an individual has used an easement in a certain way for a certain number of years.

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When buying property, it is wise to check for easements or rights of way as it can affect property value.

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NHPA provisions may also come into play during project development and have an impact on right of way considerations with respect to the protection of Indian cultural and historic resources.