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Cherry contends that the incidents of sexual harassment that she endured were so severe as to alter a term or condition of her employment, but he was not allowed to leave and was told to help the other departments.

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Menards does not disagree that Cherry experienced crude comments and conduct, their vehicle, are significant to a finding of constructive discharge. No PPE is being provided to the employees. The benefits and pay are just that bad.

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It was alleged that test stands located near high voltage power sources are being used to test liquid units that leak, Menards gets full retail price. They are not on backorder everywhere. This seems to be a common occurrence.

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HR Coordinator is responsible for assisting management personnel to develop Team Members for career advancement opportunities at other store locations. Seems to be I wasnt the only one had. We should be able to submit them online.

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Menards objected to the testimony related to falling merchandise and the lack of safety policies or procedures on the bases that the evidence bore on postaccident investigation and insurance coverage issues.

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