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Yet majority of respondents recognize the importance and significance of the concept for North Cyprus, especially, as it is a developing island state with fragile environmental, economical, social capitals.

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Because of the fact that people are affected from tourism, they must be a part of sustainable tourism development and that situation makes sustainable tourism development a social aspect.

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It should be again noted that the tourism research literature explored in this study generally suffers from a lack of analytical interest or rigor.

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The IVS allowmainland Chinese tourists from approved cities, such as Shanghai, Beijing, and Guangzhoumake individual visitto Hong Kong.

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Most of the managers were comfortable with the questions and even took extra time to explain the challenges facing their businesses.

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CONCLUSION The triangulation methodology employed in this study was a conscious decision to incorporate as much diversified and quality data from stakeholders involved in the Soshanguve tourism development process as possible.

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Three out of the seven respondents reported that the business tourism niche was a significant market to tap into.

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