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Disclosure is not required if the covered entity determines after investigation that there is no reasonable likelihood of harm to customers.

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As recommended by the Delaware Department of Justice, for example, if an SSN has been compromised or is believed to have been compromised.

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Notice to major news reporting media in the geographic area where Indiana residents affected by the breach of the security of a system reside.

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Red Rose Roofing, Pennsylvania, the individual or the commercial entity shall give notice as soon as possible to the affected Delaware resident.

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In addition to consumers, alabama law was investigating and delaware breach law, now have also imposes a new jersey, and sold customer credit monitoring services and data.

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We want to provide you with information about the incident and with the attached additional information that you may find helpful.

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Notice required by this section may be delayed if a law enforcement agency determines and advises the individual or entity that the notice will impede a criminal or civil investigation or homeland or national security.

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Enacted in 2005 Delaware's data breach notification law requires entities that conduct business in Delaware and own or license computerized personal. Your activation code will not work after this date.